CJ Boyce

I first heard about Jess when I told a co-worker that we were interviewing for builders in McCall.  He told me that we could stop; he had interviewed everyone in town and that Jess was far and away the best. Now, having had Jess build our house, I couldn’t agree more!

From the day we told him about the project, our budget and desired completion date, he made it his mission to keep the project on time and within budget. He helped us find an architect, was there at multiple meetings during the design process to help with budget and feasibility, gave us lists and due dates of appliances and finishings to pick out.  Jess would call me every few days during the construction process with a saved up list of decisions to make. He was always helpful with questions pertaining to these decisions and kept the disruptions to a minimum such that the process had as little impact upon our lives as possible.  Finally, Jess was always clear and accurate about costs and time expectations such that the house was ultimately completed both on time and within our budget.

Several more specific examples of why Jess is an ideal builder:

– There was a post in our plans next to the stairwell that Jess was concerned was going to look funny. He came up with an inexpensive solution using some extra lumber that he had at minimal extra cost.  He could have just built the post as planned but went the extra mile to make the house to look great (and it does)!

– We retrofitted an upgraded ERV the summer after we built.  After the HVAC guys were done, Jess noted that some of the insulation in the attic had been squished down.  Jess independently arranged for the insulation guys to come back and blow in more insulation. I never go into the attic and would have never seen that but Jess fixed it just to “do the right thing”.

In summary, my wife and I frequently comment that we wish we could clone Jess and have him here in Boise for other projects. He is genuinely one of the good guys and I can’t recommend him highly enough!