Rich Allen

To anyone considering hiring a building contractor:

Selecting a building contractor for any size job is a very important decision.  Selecting a building contractor you can trust, rely on for good advice, complete the project on time and on budget and become good friends along the way is a grand slam!

We had the good fortune of meeting Jess and some of his crew a year before we even knew we would be building a new home.  We watched them build a home across the street from our existing home and remarked on several occasions what a clean jobsite they kept, how hard everyone worked every day and how little material made its way to the trash bin.

We interviewed other builders, but it was clear in our first conversation with Jess he was a good match for us and a clear choice.  Jess was engaged from day one with any and all details. We were building a custom home and Jess provided excellent ideas, options and feedback throughout the design and construction process.

We had an existing structure to demolish in preparation for a spring start.  Jess’s schedule required all his subs to be timely in order to have the house completely closed in before winter so finish work could continue.  I make a point of this because Jess has excellent subs.  Good subs want to work for Jess because they can count on Jess to be ready for their part of the project.  Maintaining good communication with the owners for their input and decisions is critical to the schedule.  Everyone wins when a project is kept on schedule.

Trust and confidence are not to be taken for granted.  We had both early in our project and Jess proved to us time and again he deserved both.  We are grateful for that relationship and love the end product we envisioned, and he produced.

We would recommend Jess and Chapman Construction without reservation for your project regardless of size or scope.